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All real estate and French properties in  Saint Cyprien Village 66750, sales, purchases, rentals, property lettings in  St Cyp Village.

You want to buy near the sea, in the south of France without having to suffer too much the crowd of summer vacationers on the seaside resort. Saint Cyprien Village is where to buy, or the village or rent your apartment or house. Real estate and property market is cheaper than the seaside and life more quiet. Our real estate agency in Saint Cyprien France is specialized in the sale of houses and apartments in the village of St Cyp and we also offer on our website classified ads for rentals year-round,long term lease property, all property sales of building land, property for rent of vacation and holiday lettings.

Saint Cebria del Rossello is a very pleasant village of the Eastern Pyrenees in the Occitan Region. Sorry, no, Catalan Country French !!! Saint Cyprien village is located one kilometer from the beach. Known in the old days as Villa Salix, the population of the time lived there fishing on the pond, breeding and cultivation along the swamps. In the Middle Ages Vilarasa was given the name of the village as the chapel of St. Stephen VIllerase which is located at the exit of our pretty village. The religious of Elne eventually give him the name of the bishop of Carthage, the martyr Saint-Cyprien ...

You will find Saint Cyprien in the heart of the Village many old houses mostly built in Cayrou, the famous Catalan brick used in our Catalan towns since the fifteenth century. Some are also reinforced with pebbles and river stones. If these houses are sought for their cachet and authenticity, most of our real estate listings are for Mediterranean villas with garden. You will find, of course, property of the 70s in Saint Cyprien village but with the new subdivisions like the Prade, the area of ​​the College and the new development of the old sheepfolds on the road to Alenya, we find quite a lot of real estate offers in the new one. Whether building land to buy, new apartments or modern villas, in the village there is the choice.

Price quoted M² in real estate and property market in Saint Cyprien village, it is a winner, because it is for a purchase or rental, the goods and properties are more affordable and ultimately if you live in the village, you will be in a quieter place, in an environment of housing and housing occupied year-round, with the beach at 1 KM, so that's all winner. Feel free if you want to compare real estate prices to look with our offers on nearby villages like Elne or Latour Bas Elne. As a rule, the further you get from the sea, the lower the price per square meter, because the land has a lower market value and the demand is also lower.