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SAINT GENIS DES FONTAINES properties (France) - sales and lettings

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Saint Genis des Fontaines in the eastern Pyrenees is a village to consider when looking for a house for sale on the P-O , an apartment for rent, or if you want to make a real estate investment in French properties. Our real estate agencies group of Saint Genis des fontaines, specialized in the area of ​​St Genis and the villages of low Albères for all transactions and rentals in the territory of Saint-Genisien.

More affordable than the neighboring municipalities of Albères and including the super-star villages of Sorède and Laroque des Albères, Saint Genis also has a more recent housing stock thanks to the many housing developments made in recent years. When looking to make a real estate purchase, especially for a contemporary house, our beautiful village of Occitania, forgiveness of the Catalan Country is the place to look.

Since the beginning of time Saint Genis des Fontaines is a compulsory crossing point at the crossroads between the Mediterranean Sea and the Catalan mountains. Formerly the famous Abbey of Saint Genis was the stopping point par excellence for resting and resting, when one arrived from Spain by the Banyuls pass and that one went towards the city of Céret and the region Vallespir. Since this spirit of welcome and hospitality has remained etched in the collective memory of the inhabitants of Saint Genis de Fontaines, and that is why it is good to live in our pretty corner of Albères.

You will find on the website of our real estate agencies many villas and houses for sale, dating from the 80s to 2019, some village houses and occasionally seasonal or seasonal rentals. Saint Genis fountains 66740, is a good compromise for a peaceful life year because the village is 12 minutes from the beaches of Argeles Sur mer, near the Spanish border and Perpignan. So retreat in the sun, active life in the year or second home, in St Genis everything is possible.

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