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PERPIGNAN properties (France) - sales and lettings

All properties and real estate in Perpignan 66000, capital of Pyrénées-Orientales, south of France, French Catalonia, sales, properties to buy, rentals ...

When we talk about moving to the sun in the south of France and looking for a house or an apartment to buy or rent, we often think of the beautiful Catalan country: the Pyrenees Orientales and we are interested immediately in the real estate and property market in Perpignan the capital of the PO.

We say that Perpignan is on the southernmost point of the map of France, so it's 300 sunny days guaranteed, a mild Mediterranean climate in winter and we say that the price per sqm will be cheaper than on the Côte d'Azur, that life will be more authentic, more peaceful. Thanks to a network of real estate agents in the Perpignan region, we are ready to help you in your search for property, contact one of our Real Estate Agencies in Perpignan, we will help you in your research project and installation in Perpignan.

It is said that Perpignan is the main city of the Eastern Pyrenees in OCCITANIA Region? So here we must rectify right now, if you want to find accommodation in Perpi, as they say here, do you say that Occitania is north, behind the Corbières, here we are in French Catalan, we are in PO, in Roussillon but Perpignan do not speak Occitan or Langue d'Oc !! Perpignan is the old capital of the Kingdom of Mallorca and the Perpignan are French like all the inhabitants of Pyrénées Orientales only since 1659. Perpignan has been a place of habitation since the dawn of time but the oldest written traces go back to the famous Roman Oppidum of Ruscino, the current Castle Roussillon which was the headquarters of the Roman forces crossed by the famous Via Domitia. A certain Roman named Perpena would come to settle not far from Castle Roussillon to build his villa in the corner of Las Coves, the caves of the current district of Las Cobas, because in dominant position, the strategic place was largely in Above Ruscino and the Sieur Perpena liked said since his return from the wars in Spain, to be above all the world to see the enemy coming from any corner of the plain of Roussillon ... Hence the name from Perpennianum then Perpinia ...

Listed property prices in Perpignan 66 000, prices per sqm range from 800 € / sqm for properties to renovate or very popular areas, up to 6 000 € sqm for exceptional properties with terrace in downtown close to the main boulevards in Haussmann-style buildings or for ultra modern design houses or apartments in the upscale neighborhoods of the southern outskirts of Perpignan. You will really find everything on sale in Perpignan, all types of new apartments, or old, in good condition or to renovate, town houses first price, mansions in the neighborhoods listed ... IF you want to buy a house instead 70s with a small garden and a garage, it does not miss on the Perpignanais marchais and if you prefer to find a Mediterranean villa with a more spacious outside, a lush garden, a swimming pool, again the real estate market of Perpignan and wide and will give us a good selection of real estate ads to send you.

Whether for a property purchase or a rental, if you want to rent a house or apartment in Perpignan, if you are looking to acquire a building plot, tell us about your research, your budget and especially the neighborhoods that interest you because as in all the big cities, the price of the property in M² is often determined by the notoriety and the immo rating of the district or the housing estate where one wishes to live. When looking for a home or a home in the South of France in PO, we always start his search by Perpignan, but the advantage here in the Pyrenees Orientales and the real estate panorama is really wide, discover here all our properties for sale or rent with our agencies in department 66, the Catalan Country French!