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Palau Del Vidre, a charming Catalan village in the Pyrenees Orientales between Argeles sur Mer and Elne is often favored in real estate because prices per square meter are more affordable than on the Cote. Our real estate agency in Palau del Vidre can help you in your search for a house or apartment and any type of properties in Palau.

We have always liked to live in Palau Del Vidre, at the time the Visigoths settled on Laroque des Albères found this place a bit by chance along the river Tanyari during a hunting party. Amazed by the place, they built their first camp, their Fungus along the Tech River. The little Fungus later becomes a Villa when the residence of a lord was built there, we find for the first time mention of our village under the name of Palacio Rodegario.

Today living Palau Del Vidre is an alternative to the price of real estate higher Albères villages or seaside resorts of department 66, but we like to buy his main residence or even his holiday home, because the village is a very soothing calm. If you want to rent in the year on the village and lease your property on a long term basis, you will also benefit from a strategic location, not far from the sea, Perpignan and close to commercial and artisanal areas of Elne and Argeles sur mer.

You will find on our website all the classifieds to find the property of your dreams on Palau Del Vidre 66690, whether you want to buy a building plot, a village house or a country house on a large plot. Our Real Estate Agency also provides a year-round rental service on Palau.

Palauiencques, Palauiencques, you plan to sell your house or your villa on Palau, you would like to know the prices of the real estate market and the tendency of the Prix to M² on the town, do not hesitate, click here for an estimate in immediate line of your home and know a possible price for sale.

Check out our real estate advertisements in Palau Del Vidre for the purchase or rental and compare with the prices of Argelès sur mer to realize the advantage of living in Palau...