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CABESTANY properties (France) - sales and lettings

All real estate and properties in Cabestany France, 66330, buy, sell, rent in our beautiful city of Pyrénées Orientales in department 66.

Often when working on Perpignan, find his apartment for rent or his house on the village of Cabestany is a very sought after solution. Located not even 5 minutes drive from the capital of the Pyrenees Orientales, Cabestany is the most quoted village south of Perpignan and also the most expensive when you look at the price M². Thanks to our network of real estate agents in Cabestany located in the village we can offer you a personalized list of houses, land or apartments for sale that you will not necessarily find on our new website. The demand for rental in the year is very important in the town, Cabestany is also a corner of the Pyrenees Orientales or investing in stone and rental real estate is a safe value. Just look at the number of real estate developments and new buildings built in recent years all over the territory of our beautiful city to see how the promoters are fond and like to invest on "Cabes" as they say here.

Did you know that the village of Cabestany, the "head of the lake", comes from the fact that originally the whole eastern area of ​​the town was only a huge swampy area that stretched to the pond Canet Saint Nazaire, and the bottom of Cabestany was a large expanse of water that was drained as was the case of the pond of Banyuls des Aspres and the area of ​​Saint Cyprien, great Pharaonic works to promote the Agriculture and viticulture on land rich in Oligo elements were initiated for this purpose shortly after the Middle Ages. Well before JC, the Romans had already come to live on Cabestany which was a stage between the garrison of Ruscino (Castle Roussillon) and the City of Helenae (Elne) along the famous Via Domitia. After the departure of the Romans it is the Saracens who settled around Cabestany and the famous road along the ponds was this time borrowed by the famous Pepin the Short and Charlemagne who deliver the Roussillon of the occupation of the Barbarians. If you pass along the path of Charlemagne you find beautiful country houses in this area, in a privileged environment, on large grounds surrounded by vineyards, all these luxury houses offer views of the Canigou and Alberes in the distance .

So future Cabestanyencs and Cabestanyenques entrust us looking for your property on the village whether for a purchase or lease, you want to buy a building plot or find a villa for sale on Cabestany, whether you are looking for an apartment for sale or available for rent year-round, our real estate agencies are here to help you. To find the house or apartment of your dreams, send us a small email, tell us the surface of the housing you are looking for M², if you want a one or 2 bebrooms appartment , a property with four or five rooms, if you need a large plot or a small garden, if you want a modern property or rather an old stone house in the center of Cabestany with a terrace, if you have a preference for a neighborhood or a subdivision of the village , if you need 2 bedrooms, or more, in short tell us everything and especially give us the budget you want to spend on your purchase or rent your home year .. We will do for you a search with our real estate firms in the sector and you will address a list of properties for sale or rent on Cabestany with prices to M² or an interesting rent.

Compare the real estate market in Cabestany with other areas of the Pyrenees Orientales such as Perpignan the capital to get an idea of ​​the sale and rental prices on the department 66.