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BANYULS DELS ASPRES properties (France) - sales and lettings

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When we talk about the village of Banyuls des Aspres when looking for a house to buy, a building plot or a beautiful villa, do not confuse with the village of the Pyrenees Orientales seaside, lt s Another Banyuls, Banyuls sur mer. And yet, our real estate agency specialized in the sector could talk about many common points. Like Banyuls de la Marenda, the village of Banyuls des Aspres takes its name from the baths that could be made there at the time of the Roman occupation. The village was known as Villa Balnelonis, a rich property of a nobleman who built his house in front of the village pond, which no longer exists. Banyuls des Aspres was a stopover village where it was customary to stop on the Via Domitia, and to camp on the edge of the pond before going to Hispania (Spain) and to start this long road. The Catalan village on the A9 motorway that runs along the town is a living trace of the hospitality of the village of times past.

Today still we choose to live on Banyuls for its ideal location. Indeed we are 10 minutes from Perpignan and the border with Spain, a car drive through Saint Jean Lasseille and Brouilla we joined all the towns of Albères and especially the beaches of the Mediterranean as Argelès on sea ​​in less than 15 minutes. The offer on real estate and property market in Banyuls des Aspres is certainly minimal because it is a very small village, but the prices are very attractive, especially when compared to the price of M² on the superstar villages of Albères as Sorède or Laroque des Albères and even the sale prices of houses on Saint André and Saint Genis de Fontaines or Montesquieu des Albères. If you buy a villa on Banyuls des Aspres or even a building site to build the house of your dreams, you will have a superb view of the mountains as if you were at Boulou but you will especially pay much cheaper price side to M².

The offer of accommodation on Banyuls dels Aspres whether to find your main home, to rent in the year or buy a holiday home, is small but very interesting. The Panorama of houses and dwellings consists in the center of Banyuls old houses, stone, with a crazy character, and individual villas with garden, pool, garage, all around the old neighborhoods of the village center. There are very few apartments for sale on Banyuls des Aspres, some old houses are sometimes cut to obtain a higher M² price, but as a general rule our real estate agency offers mainly sales of Catalan villas and houses. year-round rentals for village houses. The advantage of buying a property on Banyuls des Aspres will be well on the price but also the great calm that offers the community, we are almost in the atmosphere of a small hamlet and we are close to all major axes . In 5 minutes you are in the center of everything with several hypermarkets nearby, commercial and craft areas of all kinds, and as soon as you go home, you have the impression that time is stopped in this old medieval village Catalan Pyrenees Orientals that is Banyuls des Aspres in the heart of the Pyrenees Orientales, department 66. Looking for Banyuls Dels Aspres Estate agencies  ? contact us we will be please to find the best property for you in our Catalan Village.

So if you are looking for the house of your dreams, a real estate investment in stone to rent on the village, a building plot to buy, or a house for rent on Banyuls Dels Aspres, contact our estate agents, we are here to help you settle on our pretty Catalan village and we will offer a selection of very interesting real estate on the town. Compare here the property prices on Banyuls des Aspres with the city of Banyuls sur Mer you realize the advantage of 20 minutes by car, or, to get closer to the capital of Roussillon look at prices M² on Perpignan and classifieds immo of the capital of the Pyrenees Orientales.